Mapping the Churchyard

Surviving Graves:

In a survey carried out in the Churchyard of All Saint’s Parish Church, Ruskington, by Mr.  R. Wood in 1980, a total of 156 graves were identified by having either a Headstone or some other form of grave marker.

Three notebooks of Mr Wood’s notes have now been analysed and their findings (which include headstones which survive but are largely illegible) are included in this site. The notebooks were organised around hand-drawn sketch plans of the Churchyard, with each Grave numbered.

This system will be used in this site – though readers should note that the number key used bears no reference to ‘official‘ church records.

A composite sketch map of the whole Churchyard is shown below:


…. the above Plan either by CLICKING on the Map or above, or the Download link on the left.

There are a number of ways of researching the incumbents of each Grave:

Mapping The Churchyard:

For the purpose of this analysis the Churchyard has been divided into SIX easily accessed areas (i.e. by path, gate and bridge), each with a plan of the Graves’ locations in that Section – as shown on the ‘Google earth’ image below:


  • Section 1 – covered by Map 1 – contains Graves 1 – 18
  • Section 2 – covered by Map 2 – contains Graves 19 – 37
  • Section 3 – covered by Map 3 – contains Graves 38 – 46
  • Section 4 – covered by Map 4 – contains Graves 47 – 69
  • Section 5 – covered by Map 5 – contains Graves 70 – 137
  • Section 6 – covered by Map 6 – contains Graves 138 – 156

C L I C K – the link (e.g. Section 1) to go to a detailed Plan of each Section

Each Section contains a Sketch Map to show approximately where each Grave is located, details of who is/are buried in each Grave.

download…. a .pdf file containing all the details of each Section, plus the full list of ‘ Graves in the Churchyard ‘ and the ‘ Alphabetical List ‘.                      [N.B. This is quite a large file and could take a few minutes to download.]

Family Histories – at the end of each of the “Sections” pages you will be able to download a file detailing as much as has been found about each of the individuals buried in Ruskington Parish Churchyard.


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